Beware of Scams

Fraud Websites: Some websites may try to mislead you into thinking that they are official websites for the DV Lottery.  They may attempt to require you to pay for services such as forms and information, which would otherwise be free on the Department of State or Embassy websites.  Some companies seek payment in order to complete the application form for the DV Lottery.  There is no charge to complete the electronic application form for DV.  Selectees will be notified ONLY through the Entry Status check starting May 7, 2019, at the DV Lottery website, and it is not necessary to use facilitator to apply for the Diversity Visa.

Remember, successful DV applicants are notified by the Department of State, Kentucky Consular Center (KCC).  No other organization or private company is authorized by the Department of State to notify DV applicants of their winning entry, or the next steps in the processing of applying for their visa.

Please check the State Department Warning and Warning of the Federal Trade Commission on DV fraud.