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Use of Alcohol & Drugs in Albania

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When traveling overseas, it’s important to obey the laws and regulations of the country you’re visiting, especially those pertaining to alcohol and drug use.  Every year, many U.S. citizens, including students, are arrested abroad on drug charges or because of their behavior under its influence.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse, so be informed.

Avoid Underage and Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Many arrests, accidents, and violent crimes have occurred as a result of alcohol abuse.  While in Albania, driving under the influence of alcohol is considered a crime by local authorities, as it would be in the United States.  You could be detained by the police and placed in jail if caught under the heavy influence of alcohol.

Make Sure Your Prescription Medication is not Considered an Illegal Narcotic

If you are traveling to Albania with a preexisting medical condition, you should carry a letter from your doctor describing your condition and medications, including the generic names of prescribed drugs.  Any medications should be in their original containers and clearly labeled.  Check with the Albanian Embassy in Washington, D.C. before traveling to make sure your medications are not considered illegal narcotics.  More information can also be obtained by visiting the Albanian Customs web page “Prohibitions and Restrictions.”  Our web page “Medical Information” provides useful information regarding this issue.

Don’t Accept Packages From Anyone

Some people agree to take advantage of an offer for an all-expense paid vacation abroad in exchange for carrying a small package in their luggage.  If the package contains illegal drugs or substances, lack of knowledge will not reduce the charges.  You could miss your flight, your exams if you’re a student, or several years of your life in an Albanian prison.

Don’t Import, Purchase, Use, or Have Drugs in Your Possession

Drug charges can carry severe consequences, including fines, jail time and several years of imprisonment.  Contraband or paraphernalia associated with illegal drug use can also get you in trouble.

Let us Know

Please notify the U.S. Embassy in Tirana’s American Citizen Services (ACS) unit at +355-(0)4-224-7285, when you or a friend or family member is arrested or detained.  Detained Americans will generally be visited by a U.S. consul.

For more information, please visit our web page “Arrest in Albania.”  For a list of some attorneys who practice law in Albania, you may consult our web page “List of Attorneys.”  Please note that this list does not constitute an endorsement from the Embassy for any individual lawyer.