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U.S. Embassy Statement on the Death of Klodian Rasha
December 11, 2020

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The death of Klodian Rasha is a tragedy, and we extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends.  Ambassador Kim spoke today with Prime Minister Rama, Police Director Veliu, Democratic Party Chairman Basha, and LSI Chairwoman Kryemadhi to discuss the rights of citizens and the responsibilities of leaders.  She underlined that those in power have the responsibility to provide a full and transparent investigation into the incident, to exercise restraint in protecting public safety and property, and to ensure accountability in all cases.  In this respect, we note that authorities have apprehended the officer in question and launched an investigation.  Those seeking to be in power should demonstrate their ability to lead in a responsible manner, including by rejecting violence.  Those who have been in power in the past should not compound past mistakes by suggesting that violence is acceptable.  The U.S. Embassy calls on all sides to exercise restraint, in keeping with their responsibilities, so that that the rights of all the Albanian people are protected and that their voices, including in protest, are able to be expressed and to be heard without violence.