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U.S. Embassy Statement on Constitutional Amendments
July 30, 2020

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On July 23, Parliament adopted legislation to codify the June 5 agreement on electoral reform, which was achieved in a transparent and inclusive manner through the Political Council. Today, Parliament adopted amendments to the Constitution that will enable additional measures for electoral reform. While this action was within the competence of Parliament, it is regrettable that it was not undertaken in the same spirit in which the June 5 agreement was achieved. We remind the majority of their statements that despite today’s action in Parliament, they intend to engage with all parties in the Political Council in good faith with the aim of reaching agreement on implementing legislation regarding open list and coalitions. We understand the disappointment of the United Opposition, while welcoming their determination to remain engaged in democratic institutions and processes, including the Political Council, so that the voices of all Albanians will be heard. We repeat that we will hold leaders to their word. As they did in achieving the June 5 agreement, Albanian leaders must demonstrate their willingness and ability to negotiate agreements that put the best interests of the Albanian people first.