U.S. Embassy Statement

The United States Embassy expresses its disappointment that the June 6 meeting between Prime Minister Rama and Opposition Leader Basha did not achieve a final decision on the judicial reform.  The government displayed flexibility, but ultimately the opposition did not.

Therefore, the United States Government supports the efforts of the Albanian Government to move the draft towards passage.  It will be the responsibility of individual members of parliament to decide whether they want to keep today’s corrupt and politicized judicial system or whether they will support this reform.

For more than 18 months, domestic and international experts, politicians, civil society, and the public have engaged in an important debate on Albania’s judicial reform. This exhaustive process has improved the draft reform package and brought government and opposition close to agreement.  This reform, which the vast majority of the Albanian people support, remains a top priority for the United States.

The United States will work to ensure that the final draft presented to the Ad Hoc Committee on Judicial Reform and to the Parliament will be a fair draft that represents the best ideas of local experts, international experts, and the Venice Commission.