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Open Vacancies at High Judicial Council and High Prosecutorial Council

The High Judicial Council and the High Prosecutorial Council are at the core of the Albanian justice system.
Vacancies within both Councils are now open. This renewal of Council members is critical to protecting Albania’s justice reform and progress towards an independent, effective justice system.
Six new members will join each Council – 3 lay members and 3 magistrate members – with a five-year mandate.
For lay members, the application deadline is next Saturday, August 5, 2023. The process is administered by the Assembly. Details on the application process can be found here:
▪️ One member from civil society: https://bit.ly/3DsUkrB (parlament.al)
▪️ Two lawyer positions: https://bit.ly/3Kh22c1 (parlament.al)
For magistrate members, the application deadline is September 4, 2023. The process is administered by the High Court and the Office of the General Prosecutor. Details on the application processes can be found here:
▪️ High Judicial Council: https://bit.ly/3Otenwm
▪️ High Prosecutorial Council: https://bit.ly/3q92eDl
The U.S. Embassy encourages all eligible candidates to apply to ensure a fair, competitive process and a successful transition. The United States, together with our partners, will closely follow this process in the coming months.