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U.S. Embassy Statement on the Central Election Commission
January 15, 2021

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With 100 days until Albania’s national election on April 25, Ambassador Kim met with Central Election Commission Chairman Celibashi and Deputy Chairwoman Pelinku to express support for the CEC’s critical role in ensuring free and fair elections.  She underscored the need to implement in a timely and effective manner biometric identification and other necessary measures.  Recalling her August 31 letter to all party leaders, she reminded the CEC of its responsibility to ensure candidates are compliant with Albanian law.  She underlined U.S. support for meeting the demands of the Albanian people for cleaner politics, beginning with cleaner politicians.  In this regard, she noted that the U.S. Secretary of State has designated certain individuals for significant corruption. These designations remain in effect.  They agreed that the CEC should take all measures possible, not only to enable the prosecution of violations, but to prevent violations in the first place, including by implementing measures to prevent vote-buying and vote-tampering.  The United States remains a steadfast supporter of Albania and the Albanian people as they work for a better democracy, better leaders, and a better future.