U.S. Embassy Statement

Judicial reform is among the United States’ highest priorities in Albania. On-going progress on reforms is essential for advancing our shared goal of Albania’s membership in the European Union.

Albania is now on the cusp of reestablishing its constitutional court, a major step in the judicial reform process. This necessary progress is stalled, however, due to differing legal interpretations of the nominating process as outlined by the Albanian constitution and the laws implementing judicial reform.

Albania’s legal institutions, the constitution, and judicial reform’s implementing laws must guide the process of resolving these disputed interpretations.

In the absence of an appropriate Albanian legal institution that could rule on the diverging interpretations, the United States supports referring the question to the Venice Commission as a competent, neutral third party for its legal opinion. We further encourage disputing parties to abide by the Venice Commission’s legal opinion.  This path forward would be fully consistent with the country’s European aspirations.

The United States will continue to stand by Albania as it undertakes these essential reforms as a friend, a partner, and an ally.