U.S. Embassy Statement

The United States welcomes the conclusions of the ODIHR election observation mission, which found that the municipal elections of June 30 were conducted in a generally peaceful and orderly manner and offered an overall positive assessment of the vote counting.  We recognize, however, as the ODIHR mission noted, that the political standoff and polarization contributed to an election in which voters did not have a meaningful choice. Despite the obstacles, the Albanian people — both those who participated in the elections and those who chose to abstain — exercised their democratic rights peacefully and we commend them for this.

Now, we urge all political leaders to respect the rule of law and to work within established institutions to determine the path forward for Albania’s democracy, to include progress on the important electoral reforms recommended by ODIHR.  Those who wish to challenge the election results can look to the Constitutional Court, which we hope will be established soon with judges who have passed a rigorous vetting process.  As always, the United States stands with the people of Albania as a partner, a friend, and an ally.  We are committed to help in strengthening the rule of law and building a stronger democracy and a brighter future for all Albanians.