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U.S. Embassy Statement
July 29, 2020

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Over the last few weeks, Ambassador Kim has had multiple discussions regarding electoral reform with President Meta, Prime Minister Rama, Democratic Party Chairman Basha, members of the Political Council on Electoral Reform, as well as a range of experts and others.  She has emphasized three points: First, the June 5 agreement, which was achieved through a transparent and inclusive process, must be honored as it was agreed.  Second, the Parliament has the competency and responsibility to consider and adopt legislation. Third, at the same time, while those who “burned their mandates” have, by definition, burned their claim to the competencies and responsibilities of Parliament, it cannot be ignored that they nevertheless represent a significant portion of Albanian voters.  For these reasons, we have praised the agreement reached on June 5 through cross-party talks; welcomed Parliament’s adoption on July 23 of the codification of the June 5 agreement; and underlined that the inclusiveness and transparency through which parties reached the June 5 agreement must be the norm for undertaking significant national actions. Parties must continue to engage at the Political Council in good faith. Relevant leaders have stated that any Parliamentary action tomorrow does not end the negotiations begun in the Political Council regarding open list and coalitions. We will hold leaders to their word. All parties must continue to engage so that the laws that are ultimately adopted are the result of a transparent and inclusive process, benefit all of the Albanian people, and continue to move the country forward on its democratic path – this is an obligation that leaders owe to the Albanian people.