U.S. Embassy Statement

The U.S. Embassy in Tirana welcomes the establishment of the High Prosecutorial Council and the High Judicial Council.   We congratulate the prosecutors and judges who took part in the voting for their courage and for choosing to change Albania’s history. The formation of the Councils marks a crucial step in the implementation of Albania’s justice reform, which replaces a broken system with one with integrity that meets and serves the needs of allAlbanian citizens.

The High Judicial Council and High Prosecutorial Council are the two pillars of an independent, quality judicial system. The establishment of the High Prosecutorial Council will now allow for the creation of the Special Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Structure (SPAK) and the National Bureau of Investigation as well as the election of the Permanent General Prosecutor.  These justice bodies are all important bricks in the building of the house of justice.

National stakeholders should now consolidate this progress on justice reform, including through the recruitment and appointment of new magistrates, which is crucial for the future functioning of the judiciary.  A strong and independent judiciary is critical to deliver results to the Albanian people in the fight against organized crime and corruption.

The United States remains fully committed to supporting Albania in building an independent, quality judicial system that delivers justice to all Albanian citizens.