U.S. Embassy Remembers and Honors “International Holocaust Day”

As part of the Embassy Speakers Bureau Program, Political Officer Nathan Haft was the guest speaker at the Marubi Academy of Film & Multimedia, together with two other representatives of the religious community in Albania, where he spoke about International Holocaust Memorial Day. Nathan observed that the Day of Remembrance was an opportunity to remember all of the victims of the Holocaust, and that this was a tragic, horrible era that witnessed one of the worst examples of misery that humanity has ever seen. Haft shared some personal feelings and thoughts with the students present and said that what happened during the Holocaust also stands as a warning to all of us that societies can go backward as well as forward, and that awareness without action changes nothing.  Don Henry, a representative from the Catholic Church with 20 years of experience living in Albania, talked about the importance of tolerance and stressed the importance of having a strong stance against hatred and intolerance. Mr. Aga, the deputy chairman of the Muslim Community gave an overview of the inter-religious harmony and tolerance practiced in Albania, stressing that every human being should be allowed to contribute to society so that people can live together in peace and harmony. This discussion was lively and well attended, and many students contributed to the dialogue.