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Statement by Ambassador Yuri Kim
November 4, 2021

A woman in a blue jacket speaks to reporters holding microphones, while a bearded man in a blue suit watches from behind her

Ambassador Yuri Kim: I had a very good meeting this morning with Mr. Nano. I came here first to congratulate him and to wish him success on his new job. I reconfirmed that for us, the strong cooperation between the United States and Albania in law enforcement matters remains important. We will continue to provide as much support as we can, from equipment to training and other support. We also discussed the importance of the police maintaining and increasing confidence of the public in their integrity and their abilities. Mr. Nano and I are both big supporters of the police presence. And we all know that police officers take on tremendous risks, sometimes losing their lives to defend public order. We also discussed the importance of ensuring that law enforcement remains protected from any outside interference or influence. Thank you very much!

Journalist: Ambassador, what about the political situation on the constitutional amendments requested by the opposition and for the vetting postponement?

Ambassador Yuri Kim: I am here to talk about police maters today. Thank you very much!