Remarks by Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Moses-Ones, senior level workshop on Terrorist Use of Technology

Good Morning Director Veliu, ladies and gentlemen

Before I turn to the topic of the conference, I would like to say a few words about Albania’s State Police.

I want to recognize all the efforts that the ASP has made over the past year. You have shown professionalism and courage in your duties to protect the citizens you serve. This is vital to the development of the society, as well as to the specific goals of the police in fighting crime and I would like to encourage you to continue in that direction.

This is an important time for rule of law and regional security. It is wonderful to see hard-working Albanian senior-level law enforcement and government executives, deputy directors, and senior law enforcement supervisors who are responsible for the management of law enforcement operations, attend today’s workshop – “Terrorist Use of Technology.”

The United States remains focused on promoting regional security and one primary means is by assisting with rule of law. The Anti-Terrorism Training and Assistance (ATA) program in Albania is a $1.3 million dollar program to support these lines of effort. Five anti-terrorism training courses have been conducted over the past eight months with the focus of terrorist investigations and cyber investigations. This two-day workshop will help to provide the organizational framework of laws and policies for policymakers to consider when investigating and prosecuting terrorists.

Albanian institutions have performed impressively in the past few years in building their capacity to fight terrorism. And we know, no country is immune to terrorism. Recently, the Albanian State Police arrested a dangerous individual connected with terrorism. This demonstrates the tremendous growth in capabilities development, which can be attributed to the recent terrorism investigations training that the Counterterrorism Directorate has received. We look forward to continuing to help the Albanian State Police to build on this record of success.

Our most experienced law enforcement instructors and mentors: Art Ehuan, Nicholas Selby, Pete Eliadis and Stephen Bunting have the expertise and skillsets to provide insights and training for the Government of Albania.

While Pete and Steve are already working and mentoring ASP’s Counterterrorism Unit, Art and Nicholas will lead this workshop. We are confident that you will find this workshop educational and beneficial to the Government of Albania as technology continues to play a vital role in terrorist activities.

Let me close by thanking Ardi Veliu and the Albanian State Police for the work they have done in fighting all forms of crime and terrorism. We look forward to continuing engagement and cooperation with you on these issues. And I wish you continued success as the Albania’s State Police continues to build a reputation as one of the finest police organizations in Europe.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak this morning.