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Remarks by Ambassador Yuri Kim at the Graduation Ceremony for the Service for the Polygraph Course
February 4, 2020

A woman speaks at a podium in an auditorium with banners and displays in the background

Minister Lleshaj, Ambassador Soreca, Director Rrumbullaku, Police Director Veliu, graduates; thank you for sharing with me this important milestone in the progress of judicial reform in Albania.

I am so pleased to be here today to mark the success of these five dedicated students who applied themselves diligently to complete 400 hours of challenging theoretical and practical instruction in the science of polygraphy.

They have studied human physiology, psychology, interview techniques, and interpretation of test results.

Their instructor has repeatedly praised their dedication and discipline throughout the course.

I would also like to take a moment to thank their instructor, Ms. Lori Kosiarek, whose commitment and professionalism has been exemplary.

She has made this course, and these students, the center of her life since September of last year, and she will be continuing to work with them as they put their newly acquired skills into practice.  Lori, we truly appreciate your dedication to this project.

As notable as this moment is personally for the students, the United States attaches even greater significance to what their training means for the fight against corruption in Albania.

The SPAK law requires all NBI employees to submit to a polygraph examination prior to employment.

These examiners, and the equipment donated by the United States, ensure the capacity to comply with that law.  They are another weapon in the arsenal of the Albanian government to discover and remove corrupt individuals from the ranks of law enforcement.

In addition to marking the examiners’ graduation, we are here today to inaugurate the establishment of the polygraph unit within the Service for Internal Affairs and Complaints.

This unit will begin conducting examinations of candidates for Director of the National Bureau of Investigations later this week — a truly significant step toward making the NBI a reality.

Director Rrumbullaku, it now falls to your organization to ensure the efficient, effective employment of this unit in an unbiased manner that respects human rights.

The United States will continue to assist you in this task, and other critical functions, during the coming year.

As with progress in other areas of justice reform, the United States stands firmly with the Government of Albania as it removes corruption from the criminal justice system.

This work must continue across the broad spectrum of the judicial system.

I offer my sincere congratulations to you graduates and to Director Rrumbullaku.

I also present them this challenge:  You have been placed in a unique position to effect positive change for all Albanians – to secure a future of integrity.  Seize the opportunity you have earned through your dedication and hard work.  Use these skills to make a difference!

Thank you.