Remarks by Acting Deputy Chief of Mission Dan Koski at the School of Magistrates Court Administration Project

High Judicial Council Chair Llagami, Director Sadushi, School of Magistrates Faculty, distinguished guests and chancellors, thank you all for being with  us today at this important event.

Today we are here to recognize another step forward towards implementing judicial reform in Albania:  the successful completion of the Summer Court Administration Program*.

Reform of Albania’s judiciary is a key U.S. priority.  Every person has the right to a fair hearing in court and every entity – including U.S. companies – has the right to a fair ruling by an independent, impartial judiciary, based on the rule of law.

Chancellors are a vital part of the court councils as established by judicial reform. Their role in managing courts and improving the administration of justice is essential. Judges alone cannot effectively manage complex tasks that include court and facilities management, budgeting, information technology, and human resource management. Court leaders, whether chairpersons or chancellors, need to master key skills to be effective, to improve court administration, and to support the High Judicial Council in implementing judicial reform.

The skills that you learned in court administration will help ensure timely and efficient access to justice. Skills that you learned in human resource management will help ensure that court personnel are competent, trained and motivated. Skills that you learned in case flow management will help ensure that in the future cases are moved from filing to completion in an efficient and transparent manner.

As a result of your successful completion of this Program, you are well poised to address challenges. I understand that each of you worked diligently throughout this course, and today you are together as a professional network of individuals with a common goal: ensuring the effective, fair, and transparent access to justice.

I want personally to congratulate you for the work you completed. I urge you to continue to be part of a reformed and well performing judiciary. I commend the High Judicial Council and the School of Magistrate for the excellent cooperation and coordination with USAID’s “Justice for All” Project.

The people of Albania deserve and appreciate your commitment and hard work.

The U.S. Embassy looks forward to continuing to work with the people and communities of Albania in judicial reform.

Thank you.

* To learn more about this project, click here.