Remarks by Ambassador Donald Lu at the Joint Slovenia-U.S. Vocational Training Project

Minister Panariti, Minister Klosi, Ministre Nikolla, Ambassadore Stančič, Rector Harizaj, dear colleagues,

When I have the opportunity to travel in Albania, I always smile when we meet a flock of sheep on the road.  It reminds me that Albania is not Tirana and that much of this beautiful country remains rural and agricultural.  I would like to think that the work we have done here will make those sheep a little bit healthier, and help to make those who care for them better trained and more competitive.

I am humbled to join Minister Panariti here today because I know that he is a real veterinary expert, in addition to being a respected minister.  I look forward to hearing his words of wisdom.

I am also delighted to be here with Ambassadore Stančič to inaugurate the joint assistance project between Albania, Slovenia and the United States.  We hope this will be a long and prosperous partnership.

This is a beautiful, new Vocational Training Center.  The building, however, is not the centerpiece of the project— the students are!  A center of this high quality will give students the opportunity to develop their skills and contribute to the growth of agriculture throughout the country.

I wish every success to all of the teachers and students that will pass through the doors of this important institution.  When I pass the next flock of sheep on the road, I will think of you.