Remarks by Ambassador Donald Lu at the Breast Cancer Walk

Mayor Ademi, Mrs. Godaj, courageous breast cancer survivors, ladies and gentlemen,

Shkodra is the perfect place for this Breast Cancer Walk because Shkodranet (female) are some of the bravest people on the planet.

My family includes a breast cancer survivor and I know that it takes courage, both from the women and the men in the family.

It is the courage to face the difficult treatment of this disease.

It is the courage to admit to your family and friends that you have survived.

And it is the courage to tell other girls and women that the need to be tested regularly to make sure they identify this disease early.

We have supported this YWCA Breast Cancer walk for eight years.  I want to thank the YMCA and their partners for their leadership on this issue.

I want to especially thank those who provide Albanian women the opportunity to receive exams and mammograms.

May we all work together for healthy women and healthy families.