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Public Affairs Section

The Public Affairs Section explains American foreign policy to a wide range of audiences (students, academics, media, NGOs, business and government officials) and promotes U.S. national interests through a variety of information, educational and cultural programs to increase mutual understanding between citizens of both countries.

Press Inquiries: The Public Affairs Officer serves as the Embassy’s Official Spokesperson. If you need to contact the Public Affairs Officer or have a press inquiry please send an email to: PASTirana@state.gov

Media: The Press Office arranges media events, press conferences and interviews. The Press Office also coordinates an extensive media development program for journalists, editors, and media outlets.

Social Media & Webmaster: This web site and all the Embassy social media properties are produced and maintained by the Public Affairs Section at the Embassy of the United States of America in Tirana. We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the website. If you are aware of any accessibility problems on our pages, we want to know what the problem is; please identify the problem you encountered and tell us the address/URL of the page. Technical problems (bad links, broken images etc.) should be called to the attention of the webmaster: TiranaWebmaster@state.gov

Exchanges: The Public Affairs Section coordinates a variety of educational exchanges including the International Visitors ProgramFulbright and Humphrey Programs, Junior Faculty Development Program (JFDP) and Professional-In-Residence program for journalists. Public Affairs also brings American Fulbright scholars, English language experts, Expert Speakers, and other Americans to Albania to work with local institutions.

Culture: The Cultural Affairs Office sponsors artistic and cultural exhibitions and events in the fields of dance, theater, visual arts, photography, music, and film.

Grants: Local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can apply for the Embassy’s Ongoing Small Grants Program and Democracy Commission to promote economic, political, and social development in Albania. The Public Affairs Section also administers grants for targeted travel opportunities and special projects. For further information go to: pdgrantstirana@state.gov