Letter from a YES Student

by Zylfie Braha, from “Bajram Abdiu” high school, in Bicaj, Kukes, who is currently placed at the “Three rivers” high school, in Michigan.

The experience till now has been so exciting! At the begging I thought this was going to be the most exciting part but now I’m not really sure which is the most exciting part anymore! Everything is amazing!

If I would choose something as the most special experience I’m living would definitely be the American school.

It is the place when I spend most of the time and perhaps have the best time with friends! Everybody is so polite and willing to help anytime.

What I would like to mention is the curiosity they have when I speak about Albania or when I do presentations about it. They are ready to ask for anything and I always try to give the best answers with pride to say them! The best thing that happened yesterday was when I went to my English class and found a paper in my desk where was written: “Be self-confident! You’re doing a great job here!” – in Albanian.

At first I wasn’t believing she did that, it was really awesome to go to class and to find something written in your native language and by a person who has never speak or write Albanian! Friends are the best part of being an exchange student! Culture exchange is way more easy when you have friends and people you know, to talk to them or to hang out with them! It’s really a bliss when I learn something new and I think that this thing is amazing for me to do it in Albania when I go back!

And then the family that hosted me is such a blessing! I absolutely love them, beside the fact that they’re ready to learn me anytime for something, they always try to make me feel home every minute!