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Holiday Calendar 2024

The U.S. Embassy will be closed to the public in compliance with the following United States and Albanian holidays in 2024.

JAN 1Mon.New Year’s DayJAN 1Mon.(U.S. / Alb)
JAN 2Tue.New Year’s DayJAN 2Tue.(Alb)
JAN 15Mon.Martin Luther King’s BirthdayJAN 15Mon.(U.S.)
FEB 19Mon.Washington’s (President’s) DayFEB 19Mon.(U.S.)
MAR 14Thur.Summer DayMAR 14Thur.(Alb)
MAR 22Fri.Nevruz DayMAR 22Fri.(Alb)
MAR 31Sun.Catholic EasterAPR 1Mon.(Alb)
APR 10Wed.Big BajramAPR 10Wed.(Alb)
MAY 1Wed.May DayMAY 1Wed.(Alb)
MAY 5Sun.Orthodox EasterMAY 6Mon.(Alb)
MAY 27Mon.Memorial DayMAY 27Mon.(U.S.)
JUN 17Mon.Small BajramJUN 17Mon.(Alb)
JUN 19Wed.JuneteenthJUN 19Wed.(U.S.)
JUL 4Thur.Independence DayJUL 4Thur.(U.S.)
SEP 2Mon.Labor DaySEP 2Mon.(U.S.)
SEP 5Thur.Saint Teresa DaySEP 5Thur.(Alb)
OCT 14Mon.Columbus DayOCT 14Mon.(U.S.)
NOV 11Mon.Veterans DayNOV 11Mon.(U.S.)
NOV 28Thur.ThanksgivingNOV 28Thur.(U.S.)
NOV 28Thur.Albanian Independence DayNOV 28Thur.(Alb)
NOV 29Fri.National Liberation DayNOV 29Fri.(Alb)
DEC 25Wed.Christmas DayDEC 25Wed.(U.S. / Alb)