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Health Alert for U.S. Citizens
June 15, 2020

Location:  Albania

 Event:  On June 15, 2020, commercial flight activity resumed in Albania with flights from Tirana to Vienna, Belgrade, and Athens.  Currently, there are no direct flights between those cities and the United States and, as such, the Government of Albania has declared that only European Union residents and citizens are eligible to board these flights at this time.  U.S. citizens may be eligible to board flights in early July once direct flights from select European to the United States cities have been re-established.  Please be advised that international travel is highly unpredictable at this time and flights and countries’ entry requirements are subject to change without advance notice.  If you wish to travel to the United States, it is recommended you contact a travel agent or the airlines for real-time information about travel options and inquire about travel insurance in the event airline routes are impacted by COVID-19 pandemic-related developments.



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