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Health Alert for U.S. Citizens
May 30, 2020

Event: The Albanian government continues to loosen COVID-19-related restrictions throughout the country.

During the weekend of May 30-31:

  • The curfew for citizens across the country is lifted.
  • Restrictions on shops’ operating hours are lifted.
  • The red-green zone divide still applies. No intercity travel between the zones is allowed.
  • Beaches in coastal towns are open to residents only.
  • Cars will not be permitted to circulate on Sunday.

Effective June 1, 2020:

  • All land borders will re-open. The 14-day quarantine requirement upon entry to Albania will be lifted. Quarantine will only apply in specific cases when ordered by health authorities.
  • Kindergartens and daycares will re-open.
  • All curfews across the country and restrictions on intercity travel will be lifted. There will no longer be red zones and green zones around the country.
  • Beaches connected to hotels will be accessible to hotel guests.
  • Sports activities will be permitted without spectators.
  • Gyms, parks and similar centers will be permitted to re-open.

Please note that public transit remains suspended. Large events and gatherings also remain suspended.

Monitor Embassy Tirana’s website for more information on COVID-19 restrictions throughout the country. Email ACSTirana@state.gov with questions.