First Round of the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program

In the most recent round of the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program, 20 local civil society organizations received a total of $ 312,000 in funding for projects that address issues such as anti-corruption and transparency, anti-trafficking, women’s empowerment, domestic violence, youth engagement, minority rights, environmental protections, and countering violent extremism. Democracy Commission supports initiatives of local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) engaged in building the social and intellectual foundations of democracy, the democratic resolution of problems, strengthening civil society watchdog activities, and the institutionalization of open, pluralistic political processes.

Organizations that received funding include:

Organisation: Another Vision
Project: Giving Power to empower

Organization: Center For Legal Civic Initiative
Project: Increasing the access of the victims of domestic violence in the justice system for a better enforcement of court decisions

Organization: Forum of Free Thought
Project: Monitoring Municipalities on the accomplishment of electoral promises and enhance civic participation in governance and accountability, through social media

Organization: Pink Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania
Project: Fighting homophobic bullying in Albanian schools

Organization: Albanian Institute of Science (AIS)
Project: Public Health Sector Procurements 2016

Organization: STREHA Center
Project: Advocating for Social Service Delivery by Civil Society Organizations in Albania

Organization: Albanian Center For Population And Development
Project: Boosting Roma And Egyptian Commitment To Voice Their Needs

Organization: Balkan Youth Link – Albania (BYL-A)
Project: Model NATO 2016

Organization: Different & Equal
Project: Empowering Youth at Risk to Develop Counter Trafficking Campaign

Organization: EDEN Center
Project: Sustainable living toward environmental friendly startup!

Organization: Regional Development Agency
Project: I am Independent

Organization: Res Publica
Project: Enhancing investigative journalists’ access to official information

Organization: Woman to Woman
Project: Coordinated response to gender based violence

Organization: Albanian Institute for International Studies (AIIS)
Project: Democracy and politics in Albania: seeking true qualitative representation

Organization: Help the Life
Project: Our voices count

Organization: RINI Albania Foundation
Project: Building a culture of compliance with the Anti-Discrimination Law in Albania

Project: Leveraging legal services closer at local level through collaborative network.

Organization: “Vatra” Psycho-Social Centre
Project: Increasing the information level of the young people and capacity building of the local structures for the identification, referral and protection of victims of trafficking/ potential victims of trafficking

Organization: Gender Institute for Researches and Studies
Project: Mothers can challenge violent extremism

Organization: Lezha Regional Development Agency
Project: YouAct