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Emergency Passports

The U.S. Embassy in Tirana may only offer emergency passport appointments under the following conditions:

  • Your passport was lost, stolen, damaged, or mutilated AND you have travel plans within the next 10 days; or
  • You need a passport due to a sudden, unexpected occurrence or your travel relates to an unexpected event, such as a death in the family or a medical problem.


Processing Times

Same-day issuance is available for applications that are complete.  However, in certain circumstances we may require additional information or need to refer your case to the Department of State.  You should not make firm travel plans until you have your new passport in hand.


Emergency Passport Validity

Emergency passports are valid only for your immediate travel needs, up to a maximum of one year.  You can replace your emergency passport with a full-validity passport at no charge.  See our web-page on replacing a limited validity passport for more information.

Making an Emergency Passport Appointment

Visit our online appointment system to schedule an appointment.  If you need same-day appointment, email our office at acstirana@state.gov and include the reason you need an emergency passport and your travel dates.  Be sure to read the instructions below so that you have all of the necessary documents when you come to the Embassy.

After-hours Passport Services

After-hours passport services are not generally provided.  This type of service is generally reserved for life and death emergencies or international crisis evacuations.  If such a case exists, call us at +35542247285, and ask to speak with the duty officer of the Embassy.