Embassy supports the Alliance of Women Parliamentarians

On May 27, Ambassador Arvizu, joined by OSCE Ambassador Raunig, hosted a small reception as a pre-departure event for the group of women parliamentarians traveling to the US to participate in the IVLP “Women’s Empowerment” Program. Designed for the leaders and representatives of the women’s alliance in the Albanian parliament and the women’s forums of the main political parties, the program will give them the opportunity to explore how women from different political parties work together to promote and support women’s empowerment in the United States. The reception brought together women members of the parliament and representatives of international organizations working in Albania. While addressing the participants Ambassador Arvizu emphasized the message of   working together to support women’s empowerment in Albania and noted that “We hope …that upon their return, the women participating in the program will …use the knowledge and experience they have gained in the US to strengthen the Women’s Alliance and advance gender equality in Albania.”