Notice of Funding Opportunities

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Department of State US Embassy Tirana, Albania
Notice of Funding Opportunity
Program Office: Public Affairs Section, U.S. Embassy Tirana
Funding Opportunity Title: “Countering Violent Extremism Projects”
Announcement Type: Grant
Funding Opportunity Number: AL-19-001
Deadline for Applications: July 29, 2019 (11:59 p.m.)
CFDA Number: 19.900 - AEECA/ESF PD Programs

The United States Embassy in Tirana is pleased to announce a notification of a funding opportunity for Countering Violent Extremism Projects

Purpose of the Program 
DEADLINE: The Program is accepting proposals until July 29, 2019 

The Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy in Tirana, Albania announces a notification of funding opportunity (NOFO) for civil society initiatives related to countering violent extremism.

We are seeking for proposals that create, develop and foster countering and preventing violent extremism capacities and means to build alert and cohesive communities. Multi-player approaches that bring together and coordinate the actions of central and local governments, civil society, religious communities, media, academia, private sector and other stakeholders are encouraged. Some of the priority areas include:

  • Building safe and resilient communities to violent extremism
  • Promoting youth activism in preventing and countering violent extremism
  • Strengthening media professional capacities on reporting and promoting counter-extremism narratives capable of reaching target audiences
  • Re-integration of individuals and communities at risk of being radicalized enabling them to redirect their lives and become contributing members of their communities
  • Increase the capacities of judicial system members (judges, prosecutors, legal assistants, etc.) with regard to the international legal framework and international and national practices on criminal proceedings of terrorist / extremist activities

This project supports the Albanian Government’s national strategic priorities of community outreach and engagement, countering extremist propaganda while promoting democratic values, and developing long-term comprehensive CVE policies.

Public Affairs Office of the US Embassy in Tirana intents to award grants in the amount starting from $30,000 to $60,000.

The period of performance is 12 months with an anticipated start date of September 2019.

Eligible Applicants:

Applicants who are eligible to apply are Albanian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), who are able to respond to the NOFO, and have experience and expertise on CVE issues.

Evaluation Process:

The U.S. Embassy has established the Selection Committee, which will review and evaluate the proposals for this program.  It will take the Committee up to thirty days after the application deadline to complete its review process.  Applicants may be contacted with questions during this review process, and will be informed whether or not their proposal was selected via e-mail.

Evaluation Criteria:

The Selection Committee will assess the following when evaluating grant proposals:

  • The project proposal demonstrates that the organization has sufficient experience and expertise in the field of countering violent extremism, as well as required skills and human resources to implement the project.
  • The organization demonstrates that it has a clear understanding of the underlying issue that the project is aiming to address and is able to articulate it with specificity and clarity.
  • The organization has consulted relevant resources, experts and potential partner organizations during the project’s design phase.
  • The project’s budget is well-organized, detailed and reasonable.  There are no budget lines labeled “miscellaneous expenses.”  Entertainment and alcoholic beverage expenses are not included in the budget.  The budget demonstrates that the organization has devoted time to plan for and assess actual expenses associated with the project instead of providing rough estimates.
  • The organization has clearly articulated how it will assess and measure its own performance throughout the project implementation phase.
  • Past performance, including U.S. government funded grants, indicates reliability, responsible use of resources, and an ability to follow through with project aims.
How to Apply?

Applications must be prepared and submitted using the Application package (listed below), available also on

The Application package includes:
The application form should include:
  • Project goal
  • Name, address, telephone/fax number, e-mail address of the organization and name of contact person
  • A description of the project
  • Key project activities
  •  Project dates
  • A description of the expected results
  • A brief description of how the success of the project will be measured and evaluated
  • A list of names and title of team members
  • A brief description of organization background
  • A summary of the budget (include attached a detailed budget in the Excel format)

Copies of the court decision registration, statute of the organization, and CVs of the main staff of the project must be included in the application package.  Any application that does not cover all the above points will not be considered.

Any questions concerning this NOFO should be submitted in writing to the Tirana Selection Committee via email at

Please submit your application package to