Domestic Violence – the U.S. Experience

According to estimates, over 4,000 domestic violence cases were reported in Albania in 2014 and about 3,000 such cases from January-September this year. What are you doing to improve the future for Albanian women? “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” was the final message from Scott Jenkins, a retired police officer from Duluth, Minnesota, to a group of Albanian police officers, prosecutors, judges, State Social Service employees and NGOs during a workshop on “Domestic Violence – the U.S. Experience.” Jenkins, who has traveled extensively and visited Albania October 28-31, said that Albania’s laws are some of the best and most advanced, but application remains a challenge. During his meetings with the Albanian Women MPs Alliance , Ministry of Social Welfare officials, future judges and prosecutors, and media, Scott Jenkins talked about the Duluth model of coordinated community response to domestic violence, a model that has been replicated in 22 countries in the world. According to Mr. Jenkins, effective intervention in domestic violence cases involves inter-agency efforts to institutionalize procedures that: centralize victim safety, improve offender accountability, and change community climate to be intolerant of domestic violence.