Ambassador’s Remarks at the Breast Cancer Walk

Minister Beqaj, Mayor Veliaj, Mrs. Godaj, courageous breast cancer survivors, ladies and gentlemen,

Breast cancer has touched our family.  We have gone through the trauma of a diagnosis and the joy of a successful treatment.

If I asked who amongst us has a close family member or friend touched by this disease, I am sure everyone would raise his or her hands.

In the United States, one in eight women will have breast cancer in their lifetimes.

Thanks to advances in medicine and early detection, the vast majority will be treated successfully.

In Albania, early detection rates are low.  This leads to lower survival rates here than in some other countries.  The answer is obvious.  Please get regular mammograms and consult your doctor.

We have supported this YWCA Breast Cancer walk for seven years.  I want to thank the YMCA and their partners for their leadership on this issue.  I want to especially thank those who raise money for providing Albanian women the opportunity to receive exams and mammograms.

May we all work together for healthy women and healthy families.