Ambassador visits civil society organizations in Korce

During a January 24 trip to Korce, Ambassador Arvizu and Public Affairs Officer Valerie O’Brien visited the Regional Development Agency of Korce (RDA), a successful Democracy Commission grantee. The Director of the Destination Management Organization (DMO)—another successful Democracy Commission and USAID partner—joined RDA staff in the meeting. Directors of both RDA and DMO briefed the Ambassador on challenges and NGO efforts in the development of the Korca region. They highlighted their successful initiatives related to business and tourism development, anti-corruption and good governance, and community participation for a better education system in their region. They also expressed their immense gratitude to the Ambassador and the U.S. Embassy for the ongoing and comprehensive support provided to their organizations over the past years. The meeting also included an exchange of views and opinions on the importance of the recent administrative territorial reform.