Ambassador Donald Lu’s Remarks at the Judicial Reform Reception

Honorable deputies, experts on judicial reform, ladies and gentlemen,

A very happy New Year to everyone!

I have a message for the experts, both Albanian and international, both appointed by the majority and opposition.

I saw that last summer you did not have a summer vacation because throughout August you were working to finish the draft constitutional amendments and the opposition analysis document.

Now I see that you have been given the special holiday gift of more work to redraft the amendments to respond to the Venice Commission.

I guarantee you that the Venice Commission rapporteurs are not spending their New Year’s holiday worried about Albania.

On behalf of the non-lawyers present, allow me to thank you for your sacrifice and dedication.

The surest sign that this reform will be a success is that some powerful people in Albania are afraid.  They are afraid that they will lose their jobs and will lose their corrupt income, but also they fear that they may be put in jail.  Maybe they should be afraid.

I am confident that as a result of your hard work and dedication that in the spring we will be celebrating the passage of judicial reform.

Then we will find a way to spoil your next holiday with the even harder work of implementing this ambitious reform.

Happy New Year!