Ambassador Donald Lu YouTube Q&A

Glorjan Jahjaj: Hello Mister Ambassador. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to communicate with you. I had a question regarding the Albanian politics. Since you and the United States are fully aware that our politicians are so very corrupt, why don’t you intervene directly with ‎them? Thank you.

Ambassador Donald Lu: Great question.  Corruption is absolutely a top priority for the U.S. Government in Albania.  We are taking actions independently and with civil society and Albanian leaders.  Last year, we saw political parties remove some criminal candidates from the elections.  Other corrupt or criminal politicians have been arrested or have resigned.  We also support full implementation of the decriminalization law.  More recently, the U.S. Government has banned some corrupt judges from entering the United States by denying or canceling their U.S. visas.  This is only a beginning.  We have much more work to do to fight corruption.